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Types of Violence

Violence against women can be classified as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, isolation, and threats:

Physical Abuse肉体的虐待

• pushing or shoving a woman 推或强烈的摇受害者

• holding or keeping her from leaving 不让她离开/监禁受害者

• slapping or biting her 用手拌她的脸/咬她

• kicking, choking, hitting, or punching her 踢,掐,打,用拳头伤害她

• refusing to help a woman when she is sick, injured, or pregnant 不愿意帮忙受害者当他生病,受伤或怀孕了

• threatening or hurting her with a weapon 用武器/利器威胁/上海他

Sexual Abuse性虐待

• forcing a woman to strip when she does not want to 强逼受害者脱衣

• having affairs with others after agreeing to a monogamous relationship 有外遇

• forcing a woman to have unwanted sex with others or forcing her to watch others having sex 强逼受害者在不愿意的情况下和其他人有性行为/强逼她看其他人进行性行为

• forcing sex after a beating 打了受害者再强逼和他有性行为

• forcing sex when she is sick or when it endangers her health 强逼受害者有性行为就算对方生病或会危及受害者的健康

• forcing sex for the purpose of hurting her with objects or weapons 强逼受害者有反自然性行为如应用物/武器来伤害她

Emotional Abuse精神虐待

• ignoring a woman’s feelings 不理会受害者的心灵需要

• continually criticising her, calling her names, shouting at her 不停的贬值她,用粗叫她,对他辱骂,大吼大叫

• humiliating her in public or privately 在公共/私人地方羞辱他

• refusing to socialise with her 不愿意和他沟通

• keeping her from working, controlling her money, making all decisions (This includes taking all her income...'saya terpaksa memberi wang gaji saya kepadanya. Jika tidak dia akan marah lalu bertindak ganas) 控制她的钱财

• manipulating her with lies and contradictions 误导她的思维

• threatening to kidnap the child(ren) if she leaves 威胁会绑架孩子如果受害者要离去

• harassing her about affairs the abuser imagines she is having 诬赖受害者在外有外遇并对他严厉的辱骂


• stopping a woman from going to visit her relatives and friends 不让受害者和亲朋戚友有联络

• confining her to the house 关闭受害者在住家

• stopping her from socialising with others 不让她和大众有联系


• threatening to kill a woman 威胁要杀她

• threatening to take her child(ren) away 威胁会带走她的孩子

• threatening her that he will commit suicide 威胁受害者,威胁者会自杀,如果。。。。

• threatening to divorce her (this I added on myself)威胁对方要离婚

Of course it can be the other way round. so if any of your friends have any of these, please tell them to get help. Sometimes medical doctors overlook the issues behind the sickness compained by patients. These were my learning when I helped to do research questionnaire on domestic violence (nation wide) by the medical faculty of USM

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